About Us


Family, that really seems to be what Christ had in mind in creating the church. During the first century, many of the early christians were ostracized
from their biological families because of their faith and found a new, spiritual family in the church. The book of Acts speaks of this kindred spirit
when it tells us “they had all things common”. If you were to examine each of us, you would discover many things that could potentially divide us.
Our politics, a diversity of races, economic standings, age differences, and sometimes even education could be factors that would keep our paths
from ever crossing, but a true believer’s love for Christ transcends all obstacles. At Freedom Baptist Church, we enjoy that same spirit of
closeness and community that truly makes our services a thrice-weekly reunion. A personal thank you, to each and every one of our members for
being a part of this family.

In May of 2006, the Ogle family moved to Bloomington and began preparation to start FBC. Over 7,000 homes were visited and more than
15,000 pieces of literature were distributed. Following in August and September, there was a series of “Get Acquainted” meetings at the
Doubletree Hotel to give information to interested individuals. On October 1, the first service of Freedom Baptist Church was held at the
Doubletree Hotel with 48 in attendance including Pastor Ogle, his wife Tracy, his son Trenton, and his daughter Meagan.