Thank you for taking a moment to get acquainted with us.

Freedom Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church
in the Bloomington/Normal area that emphasizes building
strong family units and provides a supportive church family.
God is bringing some of the most sincere and friendly
people imaginable to this church for that very purpose. If
you are looking for a church home, give us a try. You may
find that Freedom Baptist truly is family!

 Family, that really seems to be what Christ had in mind in
creating the church. During the first century, many of the
early christians were ostracized from their biological families
because of their faith and found a new, spiritual family in
the church. The book of Acts speaks of this kindred spirit
when it tells us “they had all things common” ~ Acts 2:44.

If you were to examine each of us, you would discover many things that could potentially divide
us. Our 
politics, a diversity of races, economic standings, age differences, and sometimes even
education could 
be factors that would keep our paths from ever crossing, but a true believer’s
love for Christ transcends 
all obstacles. At Freedom Baptist Church, we enjoy that same spirit
of closeness and community that 
truly makes our services a thrice-weekly reunion. 
























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