FBC People – The Snows



Every Sunday you will find this couple at church.  Ray & Faye Snow have been

members of Freedom Baptist Church for several years and are loved by all.

But, this is not their first church.  Ray pastored for many years at churches in

Indiana and Illinois.  Their ministry continued after retirement.   They ‘hit

the road’ as church builders working with Mobile Missionary Assistance

Program (MMAPS) and Servants on Wheels Ever Ready (SOWERS). During

those years they worked more than 70 three week projects in most of the

United States as well as a project in Canada.



        Over the years, Faye has authored

       several books.  One of them is

       “Missionary Gypsies, a chronicle of

       their church building years.  Faye

       and Ray hope that you will enjoy

       their story and through reading it

       others might be inspired to serve

       the Lord in your retirement years.

       You can purchase this book on

       Amazon by clicking HERE  or on the

       book photo to the left.


Why do you think God would send a couple of this maturity and experience

to a new church like Freedom?   Maybe God knew that a church that is

growing and in a building program might need some wise counsel?