FBC People – The Hanlins



Who was that usher that greeted you at the door this morning?   Did he look like this?



That man is Freedom Baptist’s Head
Usher, Jeff Hanlin.  And he is not an
ordinary usher, either.   Jeff takes it
so seriously that he attended an usher
school in Tulsa, OK.  So, don’t be
surprised by a friendly greeting… he’s
a pro.

He and his wife, Becky, farm a couple
hundred acres about 20 minutes south
of Bloomington. While Jeff was raised
in Illinos, Becky grew up in Idaho.  Both
were saved at an early age.  And they
are raising their children in a Christian
environment, even home schooling their
three youngest.

With horses, chickens, dogs, cats and
children… Big Horse Power Farm is a
busy place.  The weekends can be even
busier.  In addition to church, The
family is often at fairs, parades and
horse shows.

It all sounds like a fairy-tale life.  But,
just a few years ago a grinding traffic accident brought everything to a stand still when their 15 year-
old son, AJ, was suddenly taken from them.  The whole church mourned the loss not expecting to see
the example of grace exhibited by this couple.


Jeff works full-time for a major seed company.  So, Becky maintains the home, teaches the kids,
cares for the horses, collects eggs, does farm chores and sells Avon.  At church she volunteers in the
nursery, sings in musical groups and heads up the food pantry.   Where she really excels is in
training the horses.  Becky was a rodeo queen an has been performing for years.  Their giant white
draft team of Kate & Patsy are a hit wherever they go..  their hoofs are painted blue and covered with
glitter.   (the glitter is an Avon lady’s special touch)

The Hanlins and their team appeared in the movie BATMAN vs SUPERMAN – Dawn of Justice.  Jeff was
the undertaker in the funeral of Superman.   Don’t be afraid to ask for an autograph.  Though he seems
meek and mild…  there are autograph cards in their car.