FBC People – Pam Stocker

Signature PAM

Pam is faithful to services at Freedom Baptist Church and is
often joined by one of her sons.  

She loves to tell about her salvation.  Pam was 10 years old
when, on a Sunday morning, one of her siblings was sick.  
So, her mother had to stay home.  Sitting with her father in a
pew at Heyworth Baptist Church, she recalls that when the
the song “Just As I Am” was being sung she tugged on her
dad’s sleeve and asked if she could go forward.  When Pam
got home and told her mother she got saved, her mother was
thrilled.  The next day the girl nicknamed ‘Stock Car’  could
not wait to tell all her friends about what happened on 
Sunday.   It did not go over as good with them as it did with
her mother… they laughed at her.  Even after that experience,
she is still not ashamed to share the gospel.

After growing up in the small town of Heyworth, she moved
to the big city of Bloomington where she went to college.  She
now works as a coding specialist at OSF.

If you want to see her eyes light up… ask Pam about her